How to set up IP rotation for email sending

hello guys
is there any way i can set up IP rotation for sending emails? i mean like IP changes every minute when sending so i have less chance at getting blacklisted, my IP always get blacklisted and i do not send no spam and not even marketing messages, i only send notifications messages to my users like for example welcoming messages forgotten passwords and such
i searched this forum and it seems there is no answers

using different ip addresses on every send will probably put your domain permanently on the ban list…
fix your smtp settings and wait some time, because email reputation system needs a lot of time to get you on the neutral side…
other than that, you could use another mail server to relay those messages…


Something else is probably going on that’s causing that. We’ve sent 10,000+ notification emails a month from the same IP for over a decade, never been blocked.

Get your various spam-related settings right (PTR record, DKIM/SPF, and make sure you don’t have abusive users on the system).

@dimitrist thank you for your input, i think you are right about email reputation, and i think the better solution is to make another external mail server to handle all the emails as you said, but i read online and been told that IP rotate is the best solution, i asked hostgator yesterday and they said i need dedicated server with 3 IP’s and been told from other companies as well.

@Joe lucky you, i get blocked after sending 5 emails to my self :slight_smile: