How to separate resellers in Virtualmin?

We cannot separate the administratot rights from the rights of the resellers (in the free version). It seems that if the resellers (virtual users) are granted rights for creating users, hosting, emails etc. - then they can manage the main administration rights. Although they should be able to manage only their clients.
If you know the solution, please let me know.


Hi Janos,

I’m afraid the GPL version does not have any built-in Reseller account support (Virtualmin Professional does). You could probably simulate it to some degree with Webmin ACLs, but I’m not entirely certain that enough features of Virtualmin GPL are under ACL control to do that with serious security.

Domain account users can create additional domains (including wholly new domains), but they can’t create accounts that have the right kind of privileges for the new domain owner to edit their own domain. It would be very limited, I’m afraid.

As you may know, features from Virtualmin Professional do trickle down into Virtualmin GPL over time, but we’re not in a hurry to trickle down things that are entirely related to making money with the server. So, Script Installers and local/remote APIs will probably get into the GPL version much sooner than Resellers (no schedule on any of it…right now we’re working almost exclusively on the Professional version).

I understand your point,
but we are a school and we want our ICT teachers to give hostings to the students.
Now they have to first come through us :frowning:
We already have to much work on our hands…

We don’t have a budget to buy the professional version (which costs even more than DA).
All our money goes to buying servers and traffic…

We also can’t just give all the teachers full access to our server, this would be a serious security problem!
If they login from home, where there may be key loggers etc people can hack the server.
Even if we only allow access from within the school, it is still not really good to give them full access.

There really isn’t any other solution than going to any of your adversaries?