How to send mail with SSL using Rainloop

Hi all,

I use Virtualmin at, and I host several websites on virtual servers.

I want to install Rainloop to be used at, so I can send/receive emails for all the domains from there. I also want the emails to be secured with SSL, and pass all DKIM etc security tests.

What’s the best way to do this, and is it possible for me to use, or do I need to use, because that’s where Virtualmin is installed?


Anyone able to help please?

I think it was written in the documentation tow to use a global mail domain.
If you want to use rainloop, simply install that script on one of the servers and enable SSL in that server (server configuration -> SSL certificate).
You could also use the usermin mail system.

Thank you!

By global mail domain, do you mean, or since Virtualmin is installed at that I should use

Also, will I be able to send/receive mail for all my domains like this?

Thanks a lot!

If I recall it correctly, its like your first example.
If you set it up according to the documentation, it should work with sending and receiving messages.

I have rainloop on and it serves users on, and so on. Rainloop can be configured to serve whitelisted domains regardless of where they are hosted - be they on your Virtualmin server or on any other IMAP server elsewhere on the net.

@harvey02, you should host Rainloop on or or but not because virtualmin expects the A record of to point to the IP address that Virtualmin runs on in association with the MX record, no?

Thanks so much @calport! That was a big help!

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