How to run two independent virtulamin hosts serving the same content (for load balancing)

Hi guys,

I have two virtualmin instances on two physical nodes. One is running as primary where we create and manage all the accounts/virtual hosts. The second server I’d like to sync the configuration files from the first one but without the home dir. For this I have an external SAN connected via NFS to both servers.
I’ve bought a cloudmin license because it’s says that can replicate master node to number of other hosts. However I stumbled upon a very annoying issue - when doing replication of the accounts, the cloudmin doesn’t preserve user id’s. Which means on the second server all the accounts are created with different UID’s and thus cannot access the shared storage or in my case - started to change permission on the storage and thus making the first server unable to access it’s content anymore.
I did some reasearch looking for a way to have a centralized auth system, like LDAP, but it seems the LDAP support of virtualmin has been discontinued. So here is my question(s):

  1. Is it possible for Cloudmin virtualmin replication to preserve UID?
  2. If it’s not possible then would it be possible to integrate LDAP as auth storage with Virtualmin?
  3. If non of the above are possible, then would it be possible to sync some files/directories in order to have a mirror copy of the primary server configuration? For sure passwd and shadow files for account preservation, but which files/dirs should be synced when it comes to the virtualmin itself?

Does anyone ever made such a setup - two or more virtualmin instances serving the same content with load balancer in front?

Best regards,
Iliyan Vutov


Those are good questions!

I believe we may want to get Jamie involved in that discussion though, as he would know those answers best.

Could you open up a support request, using the “Support” link above – and in that request, just copy and paste the same text you have here into that request.

Then, Jamie will be able to work with you in the Support Tracker regarding your questions.



Thanks. I’ve followed your advice and post a support request.