How to run spamassassin and move to spam folder on a regular basis, not just when email comes in?

I have quote spam issues that spamassassin does not pick up.

One such reason could be that when it arrives in my inbox, its not on blacklists yet, so the score is below 5. If I wait a short time, then run spamassassin from the command line, and check blacklists, its on a spam blacklist then and the score is much higher than 5. But by then its in my inbox.

I dont check my inbox that often, specially overnight, so I want is to run spamassassin on as inbox at regular intervals, like every 10 mins, and if its scored as spam, move it to the spam folder. That way, it will mark as spam all the messages put on a blacklist shortly after I receive them, and this will mean I wont see many of these spam messages seen as I would only check my inbox a few times a day.



Use “spamtrap” and/or “Mark As Spam” (inside Usermin). These two options which essentially do the same thing send the message to SpamAssassin on demand to be scored and therefore improve overall detection in the future.

Remember, SpamAssassin needs a lot of “spam” and “ham” data to accurately predict spam / ham in the future so don’t expect anything overnight.

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