How to restore a parent server's files and DB without deleting sub servers'

We’ve encountered an issue with restoring backups of servers.

We have two scheduled backups configured: weekly full and daily incremental. They are configured to backup one file per server and backup all features. We do not have the option checked to include sub-servers in parent servers’ backups (and would prefer not to).

When we attempt to restore a parent server from backup, the sub-servers’ files are deleted, regardless of whether we tick the box “Delete files that are not in the backup” on the restore backup screen. We choose to restore only files and databases, and are NOT selecting the option to delete and rebuild the virtual server.

I am hoping that I’m just missing something and there is a way to restore a parent server’s files and DB from backup without blowing up the sub-servers. Any advice is appreciated!

Note: It would be just as bad if we were to include sub-servers in parent servers’ backups and those get restored too, since the sub-servers are separate sites with their own content and update schedules and we are not typically looking to revert to earlier versions of them when restoring a parent’s files and DB.

Operating system: CentOS
OS version: 7.9.2009

Would really appreciate some insight from the dev team. Is this not possible? Seems like there should be a way to restore parent files without affecting child servers, otherwise the backup/restore functionality is useless if you use child servers, no?


@Joe I’m pinging you on this thread, since I see you’ve responded to several other backup/restore related posts in the past. Would really appreciate some information/clarification on this issue.


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