How to resolve access denied error sent out to sender

Hi all, First of all I will like to thanks the Virtualmin team for this great software. I have been using virtualmin for several years and I’m very pleased for what they have achieved.

Now I’m facing the following situation: After moving only one domain to another file system for storage capacity reasons, keeping the file structure intact, the autoreply message stop working only in this domain. All other domains are working fine.

So, sent reply to senders saying : Failed to open autoreply file /home/[domain]/autoreply-[user].[domain].txt : Permission denied

I’ve checkek the autoreply messages for the users in this domains and they are ok. Also the file path is accessible and the permission of these files are 644.

On the other hand I know that having different file system in virtualmin coulkd be problematic, so does anyone how to go around this problem?

My installation is a Virtualmin 4.07 + LDAP + POSTFIX + DOVECOT on top of Centos 5.9

Thanks in advance

Any comments, please?