How to renew Virtualmin Licence?

Hi my server Licence expired 3 days ago.
I purchased the renewal licence, the order went through.
What do I do now?




Sometimes, the order manager can’t automatically figure out which license to apply your renewal to.

My suggestion is to file a support request using the Support link above, include the license number you’d like it applied to, and Jamie will have that taken care of in no time!


my licenses: 5557130 and 5557129 have expired.
urgent need to renew them.
I should do?

Okay, so looking at your account, it looks like you ordered them, and the shopping cart wasn’t able to automatically apply them to your existing licenses.

That’s no problem, Jamie can handle that for you.

All you need to do is open up a support request (using the Support link above), and tell Jamie that you need him to apply your renewal to your existing licenses.


now run ok!


I need to activate the renewal of Virtualmin 10 to my server to continue working.
I await your response.



To get you up and running the fastest, I’d recommend filing a request in the Support Tracker, using the “Support” link above.

Just open up a request, say that you’re looking to apply your renewed license, and Joe or Jamie will get you all straightened out.