How to remove an alias server from google search result?

About 2 years ago I used a temporary domain when developing my website, later on, I created an alias server using the official domain. Now I realize this has been a bad practice because when I search something on google, results from the temporary URL and the official URL both show up.

I have deleted the A record for the temporary URL and create a CNAME record to point it to the official URL. But about 1 month has passed and the problem persists.

Is there a way to tell Google the temporary URL shoudn’t appear search result at all and eliminate it from the search result instantly?

Use Google webmaster tools

Also specify canonical URLs Canonical - Search Console Help.

In the redundant domain, use a robots.txt file to tell the spiders not to index your content and if all fails, Disavow links to your site - Search Console Help

I’ve been trying to use Search Console. The problem is, my official domain ( ) has SSL installed, while the temporary domain ( has no SSL installed.

Since I set CNAME record for with the value being, when you try to open you will get a warning, if you ignore the warning message and go ahead you will open the homepage of, however the URL in the address bar will remain

I created a new property for in GSC, and another for, and then tried to do “change of address” setting

However, for both of them I get this error message

1 month is nothing for google search, you can wait for months for google to change results…
anyway, there’s an exclusion tool in search console, add the alias domain there to exclude it from results… (and wait for months till google decides to implement it).

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That. Google flat out does not care. They will get to it whenever they feel like getting to it. Your old site search results could show up for years to come. Then again, they may vanish next week.

That is why you never, ever do anything at all “temporary” with Google. They move at a very unexpected, sometimes glacial pace. If you don’t intend it to be permanent, leave it off of Goggle altogether.

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