How to remove Alias Servers?

A while back, I created a virtual server, then added an alias to it - a new domain name that point to the first. It shows in Virtualmin the Virtual Server and the alias, but for some reason can’t remove the alias. When I clic on the alias domain name, it gives me an option to Disable Virtual Server or Delete Virtual Server. However, when I Disable Virtual Server, it disables the entire site - not just the alias (thankfully I did not Delete Virtual Server).

How can I remove this alias from the virtual server? I’d like to make this domain it’s own virtual server.


Virtualmin Version 3.522.gpl
Fedora Core 4

Hey Scott,

thankfully I did not Delete Virtual Server

A good thing indeed!

Disabling/deleting the alias shouldn’t affect the primary domain.

So I suspect what you’re seeing is a bug.

Normally in a case like that, I’d recommend filing a bug report, but it looks like you’re using an older version of Virtualmin – so that bug may have since been fixed.

What I recommend, then, is to upgrade to the latest version of Virtualmin and Webmin (something that wouldn’t be a bad idea anyhow :wink: – and see if it correctly with the latest version of things.

The bug must have been in the older version. I upgraded to the latest, and was able to disable the alias without effecting the virtual server. I then did a backup of the virtual server "just in case" then deleted the alias. Worked perfectly.


The bug must have been in the older version.

Amazing how Virtualmin seems to get better over time, eh?