How to reinstall MySQL?

So I was trying to restore some database via the actual files (located in /var/lib/mysql). Upon copying the files from the back to the current, mysql failed to start. Somewhere along the line I ended up removing mysql altogether (via apt-get remove), and even after reinstalling mysql fails to start.

Is there any way I can reinstall mysql through virtualmin, or at least get it to work at all?

Thanks for any suggestions you may be able to provide.

Well, what sort of error occurs when you attempt to start MySQL?

You’ll probably see some errors in the mysql logs in /var/log (and maybe other logs as well).

We just need to work out what’s making MySQL unhappy :slight_smile:


Hey sorry to hear you are having problems… drop me a line at an we can see if we can help you out… if you are intrested…
John damron

the point of this forum is to post solutions to issues so others can learn too, posting your sales talk to every thread isn’t helping the regulars. There is a job’s forum you know.

I have a mysql db which doesn’t seem to be repairable. I am unable to start it as the response is ‘too many connections’, in addition when I try to login as mysql I can’t do that either as ‘too many connections’ kills that attempt as well.

The mysql main db shows a lot of ‘external pointers’ and won’t respond to myisamchk attempts either.

Time is killing me here and I have a recent copy of my working db so if I can simply reinstall mysql with a clean copy I think I can get my sites back online