How to redirect the Document root of the Sub-server

Ubuntu Linux = 18.04.6
Webmin version = 2.021
Virtualmin version = 7.7
All installed packages are up to date

when i create the sub-server it it ask me to put the data/files in the DocumentRoot “/var/www/rnn/doamins/” but my all files are locates at “/var/www/rnn/”,

How can i redirect the Document root of the Sub-server as i do not want to change the document root

Please Answer

This is a duplicate of How to change the Document root of the Sub-server which is kind of a duplicate of this Avoide creation of Admin user of subdomain in the virtualmin

They all boil down to you’re trying to do really complicated stuff to avoid changing what is hopefully one line of configuration in your web applications. That’s probably a bad idea.

Virtualmin puts homes in /home. You can force it to put things in /var/www, but you almost certainly would have to do a lot more work to do that than just update your apps.

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