how to redirect to login page?

Hello everyone! i’d like to ask you a question…
Here is what i need…i need my clients to go to a page like and see the login screen of virtualmin…then they’ll give their password and login to their own virtual server…

how can i do it? got any ideas?


What if, rather than “”, you used “” – would that do what you’re after?

Because that would already work today :slight_smile:

If you go to, it redirects to the Virtualmin login page.


Gee…Thanks Eric!!! you saved my day…didn’t know that was so easy…
(is it anywhere in the documentation and i missed it or not?)

Anyway,case is closed!Greetings from Greece!!!

oh well.a few minutes ago,i tried to access from my LAN,but no luck…
the other option is to hit to see it from my lan.
(i 'm not sure if works from another pc…somewhere else…)

i have to say that i did a manual installation of webmin-virtualmin and the needed components,because i 'm trying ubuntu 10.04 server now…got any ideas?

Well, having a server on your LAN behind a NAT router brings an entirely new set of issues… you then have both internal and external IP addresses in use. That may be causing some of the problems you’re seeing, as most routers can’t route traffic to the external IP address when on the LAN. That is, if you’re on the LAN, and attempt to browse to the external IP, it usually appears to hang.

It’s hard to say for certain what the issue is though – if you give us an example of a domain you’re having trouble with, I can tell you if it works externally :slight_smile: You can always edit your post when this is all working, and remove the domain name later if you’re concerned about people seeing it.


how can I turn it OFF? redirect. dont want anyone there, or google indexing it.


You can prevent new sites from getting that redirect by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website, and disabling the “Redirect admin.domain to Virtualmin” option.

For existing sites, the only way to disable that would be using the Virtualmin command line tools.

You can see the options available to you by running “virtualmin delete-redirect” on the command line as root.