How to rebuild default localhost.localdomain SSL certificate?

Hi, how do you rebuild default SSL certificate?
If I go to host’s shared IP
It shows default certificate with Webmin/Virtualmin installation date
and details such as
“localhost.localdomain, SomeOrganisation”
I’ve recreated one for Webmin and one Usermin (both self-signed).
It seems this particular one is somewhere here?:
Webmin::Servers::Apache Web Server::Virtual Server, Any, 443, Automatic, /var/www/html::SSL Options
and there is both cert and a key
Am I correct?
And if so how do you make a new self-signed cert for it?


The easiest way to generate a self-signed cert would be to pick a Virtual Server you want it enabled for, and to enable the “SSL Website” feature.

That will create a self-signed SSL Certificate.

You can then go into Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates, and choose “Copy to Webmin” (or any of the other services you see listed there) to add the SSL certs to those daemons.