How to read mail(command line)


I didnt find until now how to read mail from virtual servers with mutt or any other command line tool.

Any suggestion please.

Mutt dont know where virtual mailboxes are.

Thank you.


That’s actually a Mutt question… you have to tell Mutt where to look for the email.

You can do that by either setting the “spoolfile” variable within your muttrc file, or you can set the “MAIL” environment variable.

You can either set it to point to a directory such as “/path/to/Maildir”, or you could have it point to the IMAP server using “imap://localhost/”.


Is possible to find a easier way because i’m not deep user of mutt so when mail is comming where

is saved.

Which path?

I did default setup of last version VM and until now i have around 10 domains that are working good

no big problems.

Thank you.


You could always read user email by going into Edit Users in Virtualmin, and click the login to Usermin button. That’s the simplest way.

Otherwise, email for every user goes into the “Maildir” directory within their homedir.



In maildir are only smtp mail no pop3.

Where can i find pop3 mail.

I search everywhere but nothing.

grep -r “mail_pattern” *


Hmm, can you describe what you mean by there not being pop3 mail?

All mail should be located in the same place – that should be in $HOME/Maildir.

When you access email via Dovecot using both IMAP or POP3, it should be reading it from $HOME/Maildir.



By pop3 i mean incoming mail not outgoing.

In maildir i can c only outgoing not incoming.

THank you.