How to properly transition server to new IP address?

Virtualmin is not working on my root domain of [] after an IP change. I have to access it directly by by [My-IP-Address:10000]. Other sites under this server are not working either.

I was initially prompted by Virtualmin of an IP change and it recommended an update. I agreed, though I’m not certain what procedures it completed.

So far, I’ve gone to:

[Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> Change IP Address]. The current and external IP address are now set to my server’s new IP.

Then I went into [Virtualmain -> Server Configuration -> DNS Records] and changed the old IP to the new IP in every instance.

I’m not getting the response I was looking for. I rebooted, reloaded virtualmin, same response. I thought maybe it could be SSL related, but sites are not working in http either.

I am having an error with updating my SSL that expired 5 days ago where Let’s Encrypt’s “” is saying it cannot download a file to /public_html/.well-known/acme_challenge/[somelongfilenamehere]. I gave “.well-known” 755 permissions recursively with no success.

Unsure if it’s related as of this moment. I’m foregoing researching deeper until I check here with you guys in case I’m missing something native to the Virtualmin CP that could help me move past this. Here’s the pastebin on the SSL error:

Thanks for your guidance on this, guys.

Have you done a DNS query (using mxtoolbox or similar) or from CLI to see what your domain resolves to?

If it resolves to your old IP - that’s the place to start looking.

Hi there is gui button somewhere in settings in virtualmin selected domain… I am not sure right now as I do not use this so often, just read the menu under any settings…

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