How to properly set DNS with Hetzner, Porkbun and Virtualmin?

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin version 7.9.0
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Hi all,
I’m begging you all for help, please don’t ignore this thread.
My domain register is Porkbun, my server is on Hetzner.
For the life of me i cannot get DNS settings right, always get errors on MX Toolbox and similar sites, Google is not receiving my emails.
Can someone please tell me what settings needs to be in Porkbun DNS, in Hetzner DNS and lastly in Virtualmin DNS? I don’t use Cloudflare.
I will attach screens from all three DNS settings bellow.
I would really, really, appreciate some help here.

Thank you

Ok, you seem to have DNS external to Virtualmin, so you need to disable DNS on the Virtual Server.

You can’t have 2 systems handling the the DNS. Its either external or internal.

The MX record in the second screenshot, the address need to have a DOT on the end like the other addresses. ie “” needs to be “”


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Thank you very much Stefan.
Which is the better place to handle DNS, Hetzner or Virtualmin?

It doesn’t really matter, as long as you have one.
If you want Virtualmin to handle it, you need to register the Domain Name Server(s) at you registrar (so the rest of the world know where they are)
Read the FAQ on it DNS Frequently Asked Questions – Virtualmin
I’d stick to Hetzner until then, cosmetically it looks better with your own registered servers but they do the same job.

When you turn off DNS on the Virtual Server you will see Suggested DNS Records for you to copy to the current DNS.
There may not be a dmarc setting in the so use the one shown in the first screenshot of you first post.


Will try again during the day and let you know.

It never occurred to me you could choose external or virtualmin DNS on a domain by domain bases instead of all or nothing.

I always turn it off in > System Settings > Features and Plugins > and then the option does not show up in > Edit Virtual Server > since it is turned off server wide.

Since I only have one IP and one server I felt using my registrar nameservers would be better.

You can use the same IP on ns1.yourdomain and ns2.yourdomain, seen some chat on the forum that its ok to do. And I have done for one of me virtual servers.

Ok, got everything sorted out. The only thing is SOA Refresh, Retry and Expire values that are hard coded into Hetzner DNS, cannot change them.

There seem tio be a few issues with this VM provider that have cropped up on here. I guess that could be a warning?

I am also a big user of Porkbun but not had any problem with them - but that is with other VM providers.

Just one thing, if you don’t have a reverse (PTR record) for you IPv6 record, I would remove it for mail.

else gmail (many other as well) will refuse mail when it sends on the IPv6 address.

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