How to properly configure sender addresses for email


| OS type and version | Debian 10|
| Webmin version | Newest |
| Virtualmin version | Newest |
| Related packages | Postfix |

Alright so this may seem a bit stupid but it’s doing my head in. Whenever I receive an email from any company or person the From field in the email usually says “Full Name <>” however when I send an email from my own domain in virtualmin using postfix the From field is just “” and nothing else. I would like to have it display as the first example. I believe its something to do with sender addresses but how do you configure this is virtualmin/postfix?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

If you edit a user via Virtualmin → Edit Users, is the real name field blank?

Enter the full name of the sender here and Usermin will then send out mail the way you have described.

Note that if you are using an email client like Outlook instead of Usermin then entering the real name in Virtualmin will not be necessary.

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Ok so I see now. Ive set the real name at the start so that wasnt the issue however I have just tried sending an email from roundcube and it works as should. Before I sent emails via Outlook and it didnt work. After doing some more digging I found it was an issue with Outlook. Facepalm moment! Thank you anyways.

Kind regards Sam

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