How to prevent filerun filemanager from seeing outside virtualhost domain path

I am testing filerun filemanager and it works great

First question is filerun to be trusted to be used in production environment

Second question how to prevent filerun admin path from seeing the file system root folders to make it only see domain virtualhost user folder

Thank you in advance .

We don’t make FileRun or have anything to do with it. Might be best to ask technical questions about it on the FileRun forums?

Virtualmin’s File Manager has an option to lock domain owners into their own home directory, and I believe it is enabled by default.

thank you for reply and sorry if i asked a misplaced question i was just hoping for some opinions

Sure, I’m not saying you can’t talk about it here. Just figured they probably have a community, too.

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found it , the problem is that filerun when selecting admin user default folder filerun can access anyfolder up to the root directory it can’t write to any file beacuse of user privileges but it can download it , so i found that in the virtualhost domain php configurations and selecting Safe mode options then adding domain home folder to prevent php from working outside that folder

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