How to Predetermine a primary domain?

OS type and version Centos 7.2009
Webmin version 2.010
Virtualmin version 7.2 PRO
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It’s funny…
I have a domain with several associated aliases that hang from it, i.e. I have a main domain e.g. and as alias server I have,,, etc…
Well, when I enter the webmail or usermin I see as default domain from which the mail is sent for example, and I do not see how to change it, and the main is .com and the others are all Alias server that hang from this, but always sent from .biz.
How can I fix it?

Hello, there’s someone out there ??? :sweat_smile:

Webmail, you mean roundcude? In roundcube in settings you have Identities and you can set a default address there.
With usermin the default is mapped to the domain you login the at port 20000. So login at with be the default address.
P.S. roundcude probably the same but you have the extra Identities in settings.


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