How to populate Custom Field "Menu..."

Hi, I have installed the latest version of Virtualmin GPL on Ubuntu 10.04. I am trying to define a Custom Field of type “Menu…” called “usstate” with label “State” that would have a list of US states. However, every delimiter I’ve tried fails to populate the field when I go to create a new virtual server. I’ve searched the forums and found a similar post (unanswered) from 2008? 2009? so started a new thread. Hope that was ok.

I must be doing something wrong, so please do correct me. :slight_smile:

Rich (netritious)

Ok, I still don’t get it. Wouldn’t this field input expect a delimiter? I’ve tried a single value (CA), value=value (CA=California), value|value (CA|MO), value[space]value, etc etc. I even tried HTML listbox options and still nothing.

I also may have discovered an input bug while I’m at it. Using a colon anywhere in a field defined as type “Menu…” causes some strange behavior where the field value is appended to the label field.

Anyway, this can’t be rocket science, but it sure is starting to feel like it. Thanks for any help.

Rich (netritious)

Okay, that is indeed a bit unclear :slight_smile:

I spoke with Jamie about it, he said:

In that field you have to enter the full path to a file that contains the options. Each line in the file defines one option, formatted like :

code1 Description for option
code2 Description for option 2

In the next version of Virtualmin, the help page will document that to make it clearer :slight_smile:


It works! Thank you Eric and Jamie!

Rich (netritious)