How to point default domain to /home/site/public_html/index.html?

Hey folks I am new to ubuntu (I know the cringe) and running servers (that I 100% manage) just got digitalocean server for free and figured I move my web hosting to my own self managed to learn about it for fun

My intended goal is:
To host 1-3 websites using different domains with let’s encrypt and free cloudflare dns. From what I gathered this is pretty good thing to use as I have used cpanel and wanted something like that as I am comfortable with that.

My Problem:
I succesfully managed to install virtualmin with root (which not sure if that is bad?) so far my domain has the Apache2 default page I tried putting files in public_html and it’s not updating. I found the apache index.html file but when I try to overwrite it I get this in filezilla

Command: put “C:\Users\Alexa\Desktop\New folder (2)\images\pic03.jpg” “/var/www/html/images/pic03.jpg”

Error: /var/www/html/images/pic03.jpg: open for write: no such file or directory

Error: File transfer failed

(which sames for every image/html file)

(but I can transfer to /home/foxumbit/public_html/~)

My goal is to have like

/home/foxumbit/public_html/index.html @

/home/OtherWebsite/public_html/index.html @

Any suggestions on what I need to do would be helpful :slight_smile: Thanks.

hi, yes /home/foxumbit/public_html/ is the place where your lives. From what I see you are trying to upload image into /var/www/html/images which is wrong location… as it is telling you Error: /var/www/html/images/pic03.jpg: open for write: no such file or directory it also means there is no folder /images possibly.

also if you host your dns on cloudflare make sure you point them to your server and give it time at least minimum to two hours. If you dont it already then perhaps clear cache in your browser…

I do not understand how to make = /home/foxumbit/public_html/Index.html so when you go to it goes to that index.html file currently goes to the file /var/www/html/index.html which is the “Apache 2 default page”