How to override apache /icons per domain?

OS type and version RHEL 9
Webmin version 2.101
Virtualmin version 7.8.2

When going to any domain on the server including the server host address /icons apache always lists a public icons folder.

I have a need to override or disallow that behavior for a single site under Vmin which has it’s own /icons folder.

Is there even a good reason to allow that behavior anyway?

It does not you have something not setup correctly we will need more information to help you.

Standard setup, I try to avoid fiddling unless it’s withiin Virtualmin.

It’s a default behavior of Apache to alias /icons to /usr/share/httpd/icons

I can manually delete or comment out that alias - which applies to the entire server, but I was wondering if Vmin can do a fix on a per domain basis?

wow never had that at all must be RHEL thing id don’t have the directory /usr/share/httpd/icons on my debian systems … oh well you learn something new everyday try this though it may help

If using apache, try going to any of your domains/icons and see what happens - I am curious too.

I see

I wonder why rhel do that ?

Apparently it’s to do with FancyIndexed directory listings.

Also in Debian from what I just read.

Oh well each to their own, I prefer debian’s approach, at least you know where you are, with no surprises on the way

See above. :slight_smile:

Well just installed apache2 on a fresh install of debian 12 and there is no /usr/share/httpd/icons directory in fact there is no /usr/share/httpd directory. I used localhost/icons and it still can not find the icons resource, I’m now curious can you point me to the article that states that debian also does this … maybe I am doing something wrong here ?

It might be out of date.

everything is up to date, I even installed UB 22.04 and the same thing happens

now trying icons

I have a domain setup there as well and the same thing happens using a domain name rather than IP address.
I then made the icons directory in the document root & I now get

Try forward slash after icons …/icons/

I meant that the article might be out of date for your Debian.

Anyway, I commented out the alias stuff which fixed my problem.

I am however interested if anyone can show that this can be done within Vmin.

I did some googling and found no solution.

made no difference at all but I’m happy with that I don’t want some ‘shared’ directory shown