How to only use http with all virtualhost

Hi everyone,

I manage to use Virtualmin only in my localnet, so I will not able to use https since all domains name will not be resolvable.
When I create a virtual server and try to access it with http://domain.test.loc, my requests is automatically redirected to https://domain.test.loc and got “SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG” in Firefox and “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” in Chrome.

“System Settings > Virtualmin Configuration > SSL settings > Redirect HTTP to HTTPS by default?” is already set to No
I doest find any log in the associate directory of the virtual server so I assume there is something intercepting my requests and redirect it to https, but I can’t find what

Distro : Ubuntu 16.04

Virtualmin version : Last one available at

There is someone having any ideas ?

Edit: When I use private ip of the virtualmin server I access to the first virtual host without problem, but when I use fqn the browser send me errors listed above

Virtualmin>Edit Virtual Server>Enabled Features>“Apache website enabled” is checked and,
Virtualmin>Edit Virtual Server>Enabled Features>“Apache SSL website enabled” option is unchecked?

Yep, I have already globally disable SSL feature from “Features & Plugins”