How to move a user's mailbox to mine

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I have a user’s mailbox which I would like to access.
That user’s account is in the same server however it has temporarily been blocked from logging in.

I am using Outlook with IMAP for myself and basically all I want to have is a folder that has all the folders structure of that “old” user below it.
In this instance I am only interested to access older emails however it would be nice if I could have also “live” access to another user’s active mailbox.

Any ideas?

Latest Virtualmin on CentOS 7

As root, you could use Usermin’s ‘Copy to’ to do that, even while the account is blocked.

To start with, thank you for taking the time to suggest this method.

Well, it is a very time consuming operation as you have to go page by page but this is not the only problem.
It will not copy the entire folder structure. When I finished the inbox I switched to Trash folder and tried to copy those emails as well. The result was that those emails ended up in the inbox of the destination user.
So not a viable option if one wants to copy/move many folders to a destination account.
There MUST be a way (without manually syncing IMAP accounts) to “hang” one user’s mailbox inside someone else’s FOLDERS structure (without messing with the folder in the destination mailbox!)

Any more ideas? :thinking:


While a bit more advanced, and giving the category this is in…

You could rsync folders between directories and preserve the modified, and read status… But again, probably not the best idea for the “Home for newbies” category.

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Rsync would work, as @tpnsolutions suggests.

You could increase the number of messages displayed from the default 20 to 500; and the select all option has a popup which lets you select all messages on all pages. With this, it becomes much less tedious.

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