How to manually set-up virtualmin on centos 6

How to manually set-up virtualmin on centos 6
i did not found a guide for a manual install using centos 6
please advise


Well, we’d recommend using the script whenever possible (on a fresh install). But if that’s not possible, there’s a manual installation guide here:

Yes it is a fresh install.

Okay, you may save yourself quite a bit of trouble by performing your installation using the script found in the Downloads link above.

But, either way will work :slight_smile:


Ok, Now it has been installed using the automatic installation.

What to do next?

You can log into it and start using it :slight_smile:

It would be on port 10000 of your server.


Oh please excuse my foolish.
I installed it on ubuntu and not centos
Shall I reinstall it on CentOS or ubuntu is better? or it does not matter at all centos and ubuntu?