How to manage sub domains with different engines


We have 2 “websites” with different “engines”.

  1. The main website ( have a Go engine (proxied by Ngnix) to a 9xxx port. I assume that this works as expected
  2. The sub website ( that is based on PHP (Flarum).

My question is:

Should I treat this as two different domains (virtual servers) in Virtualmin OR the forum as a “sub server”?

PHP seems to need PHP FPM to be proxied by Nginx but Go needs no extra stuff…

Sub-servers are about ownership and access. Nothing else.

If it’s your system, give them each their own domain (virtual server).

But, as mentioned, a sub-server is just about ownership. It wouldn’t keep you from proxying to a go app server in the sub-server and using php-fpm in the parent server (or vice versa). Sub-servers are just about who owns and manages them. They have all the features of the parent…they’re just owned by the parent account and live in the parent accounts home directory.

I put every domain (and subdomain) on my servers into their own virtual server, because I manage them myself, and I have root access. Sub-servers are about allowing a less trusted (non-root) user to “own” and manage many domains within one account. If that isn’t you, it’s irrelevant.

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