How to make www and any other to redirect to without www

Somehow all sub-domains dont redirect to
What is wrong?
What is missing?

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It looks like you’re working with the “website matches all sub-domains” feature in Server Configuration -> Website Options.

What that option does, is allow you to setup something like multi-site WordPress in one domain.

With that option enabled, you could go to foo.domain.tld, or bar.domain.tld, and either one would be directed to the contents of this particular Virtual Server.

It wouldn’t redirect though, it would show the domain that was accessed in the location bar.

Is your goal just to redirect from a ‘www’ URL to a non-www URL?


I thought that that option will help but it doesnt.
Is dns in 1st screenshot ok?
Couse when i put * A or * Cname to same ip then only ftp and other options from virtualmin works.
But what i wanted is that ftp works and if i put some random wwww3. then that it doesnt show website (witch it doesnt now but does if i put additional * A or * Cname) but redirects to one without www.

btw is there example of wordpress multisite config somewhere? I will make one later and if not i can try to helpe make a config example.