How to make changes in php and http2 with virtualmin?

I am using virtualmin gpl and linux ubuntu 20.04 on windows.

I installed virtualmin to my vps server. And i made basic configurations for it during my first login to virtualmin. Best part is that it checked my server completely and displayed the results. I really really liked it. I will just host two websites on my vhost. For that reason, before installing virtualmin i was doubting to install. But after seeing its “re-check configuration” function, i decided it is worth to install it.

But i am totally new and i need detailed guide how to use it correctly. At least i need to find answers to my questions below:
1- how should i create a virtual server in virtualmin?

2- What will happen to my other two enabled vhost config files that i have created via terminal. I can not say that they are completed but they are pointing to my domain and i have made some configurations in them (like directing non-www domain to www domain etc. ) They are: ( and under /etc/apache2/sites-enabled. Should i leave them as they are and create a new virtual server in virtualmin?

3-Beside this before creating my virtual server in virtualmin, i want to change my php version to php 8.1-fpm (i already have 8.1 but not fpm).

4- And my apache is not supporting HTTP/2. I also want to figure out this issue before creating my first virtual server with virtualmin. How should i do that?

Thank you.

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