How to limit other webmin user access Virtual Servers of other users?

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.5
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5

I create many virtual server on my server but when create new users they can access my virtual server via “File Manager”.
If i disable “File Server” module they could not access their virtual servers.

try the chroot jail setting to yes, that lock the user to the home directory from memory.
I’d avoid doing global changes in webmin if you can.

Update. I just logged in as a domain admin user and file manager is restricted, you sure you look carefully on what he can see.

A chroot jail does not apply to Webmin (non-Virtualmin) users.

And, by default, Virtualmin users (which are a special case of Webmin user) cannot access other users data, whether chrooted or not.

There’s some stuff to unpack here.

Why are you creating Webmin users directly in a Virtualmin system? Generally, you’d be doing that because you wanted them to have more privileges. The point of Webmin is administrative (root-like) access for one or more services. It doesn’t sound like that’s what you want, and so I’m wondering why you aren’t creating these users in Virtualmin instead (where they would be limited in their access, by default)?

If you really do have a reason for them to Webmin users, and they need elevated privileges for something, but not the File Manager, you can edit their ACL in the File Manager. Click on File Manager in that page. That will allow you to configure some access control limits. One of the options is Allow access to directories and another is Access files as Unix user. Both of these are locked down by default for Virtualmin users…but Webmin is an administrative tool.

The problem that i could not see any option to create Virtualmin users. So i tried to use webmin users to give privileges to my friend

Where or how do you create new email user accounts?

There are several types of Virtualmin user, all related to a virtual server (domain), unless you have Pro, in which case you can create a Reseller user that is not tied to any one virtual server.

What are these users for? I mean what are they supposed to do?

or you could create an extra admin ?

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