How to limit Edit Users list in one page nor all users

OS type and version Linux Almalinux 8 ( Centos 8)
Webmin version 7.5
in case of thousand user it is not usefull to display all user list and takes a time.
How to limit on one page size.

click setting in that section.

Hi Stephan

thanks for your quick reply
i change max nummber to 40, verify that change is aplied
in doubt , restart webmin , but no change

(Attachment hub.vcf is missing)

Hi Stephan

Thanks for yout quick answer.
i changeit in the user & group modul config to a value of ( ie) 40

i found :

Maximum number of users to display | If the number of users or groups on the modules main page exceeds this number, the table of users or groups will be replaced by a search form. You may want to adjust this if the number of users on your system is just over the default limit. |

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That applies to user & group for Webmin . It works .

But i would apply it in the virtualmin module ( edit Users )

(Attachment hub.vcf is missing)

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