How to know active users and volume of use

Hi everyone,

I’m using
Webmin version 1.930
Usermin version 1.780
Virtualmin version 6.07
Authentic theme version 19.39-2
Postfix & dovecot mail server

My client request me this information:

  • Number of active mail users (let’s say, they send at least one email a day or a week).
  • Volume of use (for example, number of emails received and sent in total per day).

Is there a way to take this information from the web or there is a script to generate this data?
I don’t know to show information from last login of all users or how to count the volume of use.

Anybody can help me?

First of all, you should really update your installation. Every part (webmin, usermin, virtualmin and the theme got never versions).
The first point, I am not sure right now.
The second one can be seen on the dashboard.

I would recommend you install Pflogsumm and configure it to send you a daily report via email about Postfix activity. A report from Pflogsumm will have the info that your client seeks (and lots more) that you should be aware of as well.

Hi all,

Thank you for the answers.

I tried the Pflogsumm and it’s show all the statistics from the mail.log (sent, received, delayed ,etc) and it’s awesome!

For the point of last logon of users, I have been extracting the users login from the mail.log with a grep and copying in a txt and deleting duplicate lines through the notepad ++.

For me this topic it’s resolved

thank you again!

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