How to install Yourls

Hi, I have a Yourls website setup on another server and want to migrate it to my new server using virtualmin. On my old server I used a one-click installer to install Yourls, but I’m not sure how to install it with virtualmin and how to migrate my data.

Can someone please lead me in the right direction?



You’d want to use the Yourls installation instructions for how to install their software:

When performing the “unzip archive” step, you’d want to unzip that into the desired destination direction. For example, if you want to be able to access it by going to “”, then you’d unzip that into the public_html folder. If you want to access it in, you’d unzip it in public_html/yourls.


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Thanks for the reply! I’m new to virtualmin. Do I first have to set up the domain in virtualmin?

That’s correct, you’d first setup a domain in Virtualmin, and once that’s done you can then use the “yourls” instructions to install it into the public_html dir, or a sub-dir of that, depending on your needs.


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Thanks, it worked out great!