How to install webmin/virtualmin with nginx server on ubuntu server 20.04

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i am running ubuntu server 20.04 and i would live to steup webmin/virtualmin using nginx server with the nginx rtmp modual as i am trying to setup my own live video and chat broadcasting website

I’m not 100% sure what you want to do. If it is a new installation.

Usage: [options]

If called without arguments, installs Virtualmin.

--bundle|-b <LAMP|LEMP> choose bundle to install (defaults to LAMP)

yes its a new istallation of virtualmin and im trying to use the lemp server

so the command would be -b LEMP

unless you have already ran the installer, without this option, if you have you will have the LAMP stack installed. In that case I would start from scratch (clean server) and install with the LEMP option

no its a fresh install of virtualmin
im using ubuntu server 20.04 and im not sure on the commands for virtualmin

So you have virtualmin running ? and you have apache ?

no i am just about to install virtualmin but im trying to instal the LEMP server not the apache server

then run this command you have downloaded the installer ?

yes i know that what im saying that when i type that into my ubunu server its understanding the command i put in

I don’t understand you, but it will install nginx if you run that command

From the same directory as the script.
./ -b LEMP

do i put sudo apt install ./ -b LEMP or what as i have tried the script on its own and its saying its not a command

no you do



sudo sh -b LEMP

read this for the explanation

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thank you for ur help i apprecite very much its doing the installstion now
thank jimr1 for your help

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The script probably wasn’t ‘executable’. But, glad it is going for you.

That’s why the docs prefix with sh, I guess, so you don’t have to chmod the file

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im new to all of this so im learning as i go along just makes it difficult to learn new things when i have a learning disability it makes learing new things like this slow to understand but i never give up or let it stop me from doing what i want to achieve

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Yeah. That’s why I initially just pointed to the official docs and the relevant line. I’m very comfortable with the command line and do this stuff second nature.

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No worries … I also have a similar disability but no worries we get through it

Webmin/Virtualmin are great tools but please take some time and learn some Linux command line utilities as you go along. For me, some of this stuff is just way easier that way. Enjoy the journey.

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