How to install webmail?

Hi there

I am new to virtualmin… and I can’t figure out how to install a webmail system like IMP Horde on the server… I’m sure it’s just like installing a module or something, but does anyone know?



If you do not need extented functionality you can stick to Usermin which can be installed as module and is then accessible via port 20000. This is a basic and good working mail client. Unfortunately not as comfortable as I wanted it to be for the users. But perhaps it is just good for your needs. It’s by far the easiest way to get a webmail client with virtualmin, from my point of view.

Horde can be installed via the install scripts. But… I tried and was not successfull, there was some error in the script or so, I don’t remember the issues. Following a earlier posting I decided to do a central installation without the virtualmin install scripts.

The scripts would install it for every domain. I did a cental installation via debian installer and customized it like I wanted it do have. The advantage is one installation that must be maintained and this is done via aptitude :wink:

But expect some work and time to setup Horde, it is not that easy…

I also tried Squirrelmail, this was installed in a second via the installers, but it does not fit my needs, so I went for Horde. :wink:

Howdy Alex,

As Christian mentioned, we like Usermin for webmail. If you are running Virtualmin Professional, it’s already setup for you.

We’d like to hear of any problems folks have with Usermin as a replacement for IMP or SquirrelMail, so that we can resolve them. We’re developing a new theme for both Virtualmin and Usermin that I think will put Usermin head and shoulders above the other options out there. It should be released in a couple of weeks.