How to install Virtualmin

I have installed Virtualmin on my VPS Server.(CentOS Linux 5.7) successfully. After Installed Virtualmin. I go to browser and put my ip address including :10000 like 100.123.525.145:10000. But unfortunately I can’t loging virtualmin. here show a message:

This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL instead.

I used above link for loging virtualmin but this time show me another message that server not found.

I am new user of virtualmin. I don’t know what should i need to do. please, anyone one can help me.

Try https://100.123.525.145:10000 for a quick fix. For a more permanent solution, make sure the hostname configured on your Virtualmin system is externally resolvable.

I don’t think that is the correct IP address as i cannot ping it, could be a firewall issue or server network config.

Of course that is not the correct IP address… notice the octet >255. I only picked up your dummy example and hoped youd understand what I tried to say. :slight_smile: i.e. use https with the IP address instead of hostname.