How to install virtualmin on Fresh install of Almalinux with all feature updates with no issues

OS type and version AlmaLinux
Webmin version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED
Related packages SUGGESTED

Greetings mentor.
Today I finally made a purchase of Almalinux 9 and want to install virtualmin in the right way so that I will not encounter issues like I did before.
Please where do I start and can I see a guide from scratch?


Currently, AlmaLinux installation should be made using pre-release version of script.

I tried running the command but it failed.
I am on Almalinux 9. What should I do next?
Downgrade to Almalinux 7 or 8?


Please just do what I suggested in my initial comment, i.e. you need to use the installation script linked there.

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I get same error when I use [Preformatted text](

See screenshot

Alright, try the following:

wget -O
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Now I got it. Thank you so much mentor. This worked without any error unlike the other script you sent. Thanks once again.

Do you know why for instance is not resolving as my primary host?
Or am I making a mistake somewhere?
Or must I use my own root domain?
Or I have to add it to my server zones?

Perhaps a DNS configuration issue. Please do not change subjects. Start a new topic.

Ok. Thanks. Let me open another topic

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