How to install Virtualmin in Mint 10

I have installed Webmin and now want to install Virtualmin in Mitn 10 which is a Ubuntu derivitive. I get this error “Failed to detect operating system.” How can I install Virtualmin?


Well, Mint and Ubuntu are different, so there’s no guarantee that it will work.

That said, I have a few thoughts –

Virtualmin supports the Ubuntu LTS releases.

Given a Mint version based on one of those LTS releases, it may be possible to coax it to work by changing your /etc/issue file to look like Ubuntu.

However, Mint 10 is based on Ubuntu 10.10. Since that’s not an LTS release, Virtualmin doesn’t support it, unfortunately.

Also, since Ubuntu 10.10 reached it’s end of life a few months ago, so did Mint 10 – so Mint 10 isn’t supported by the Mint folks any longer either.

What I might suggest is to try upgrading your Mint install to Mint 13 LTS, which I believe would be based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS – and that is supported by Virtualmin. Once you do that, you may then be able to get it to install properly by editing your /etc/issue file, and changing that to look like Ubuntu rather than Mint.

Note that we’ve never tested this, but so long as Mint hasn’t changed too much of it’s core from the way Ubuntu works, it may be just fine.

Let us know how it goes!


Hey Andreychek

Your solution worked like a champ. I installed Mint 13 LTS I had to change the /etc/issue file to reflect the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but once that was done Virtual min installed quickly and completly


That’s great!

No one has ever mentioned installing Virtualmin on Linux Mint before, so it’s great to hear that it works.

Thanks for the update!