How to install virtualmin (Debian 11) with Litespeed instead of Apache/Nginx

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As we all know that we can install Virtualmin with LAMP/LEMP. But is there any way we can install virtual min with Litespeed webserver instead of Apache/Nginx??

No. That would require a pretty large development effort, and is not on our development plans at this time.

If web server performance vs memory usage is critical (it almost never is at the scale folks are using Virtualmin), nginx is the best option. There is a module for QUIC and HTTP/3 in new versions of nginx which provides most of the benefits (for the same kinds of apps and deployments that Litespeed provides benefits for). It’d be reasonably easy to add the couple/few extra configuration bits needed for this. Support for QUIC and HTTP/3

But, I would encourage you to actually test your applications. 99% of the time, the web server is not the bottleneck. Even Apache with the relatively slow (but reliable and PHP thread-safe, etc.) prefork MPM will not be saturated by the vast majority of web applications. I would suggest you’re probably tweaking the wrong variables, if you’re trying to have fast web apps. Apache can serve millions of requests an hour, nginx can serve even more on the same hardware. The C10k problem has been solved for years, your web server doesn’t matter in almost every case.

That said, we’d probably consider adding support for Litespeed, if a pretty good chunk of funding were available for it (in the double digit thousands, probably, though I haven’t thought much about it).


Current Apache performance: Apache HTTP Server Benchmark -

Note the fastest result is 246322 requests per second with 1000 concurrent connections, which is insanely higher than even I expected, and the slowest is 15712, which is faster than I expected the best result to be and it’s on a cheap ARM SoC.

Nobody using Virtualmin is serving even the smallest of these numbers, and your web apps are probably serving orders of magnitude fewer requests per second. Admittedly this benchmark is using wrk, which is a very synthetic test that mostly leaves out network latency and other confounding variables, and web servers always perform better than real world results when testing with wrk, but even so, I just want to make it clear that none of us are limited by our web server. Unless you’re serving millions of static files every minute, or more than tens of thousands of concurrent clients, your bottleneck is not your web server.


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Thanks for quick reply. I highly appreciate it. Is it possible to install Virtualmin on ubuntu with Latest Nginx (v1.25) with HTTP/3 support by default. So we dont need Litespeed web server in that case.

All requirement can be fullfilled by nginx itself with http3 support.

It requires such a new version of nginx (1.25, I believe) that almost none of our supported distros offer it yet. So, it is not possible right now. But, maybe it’ll be more broadly supported next year when we start working on Virtualmin 8.

So, for now, you’d need to do a few steps manually.

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