How to install roundcube mail client to sub


I configured domain using virtualmin. assume the domain is After adding that top level domain name it shows it already created I want to install RoundCube Webmail to this path. But i dont know how to do this. How can i do that.

You can install Roundcube anywhere you want. The industry default is top level just for simplicities sake.

When you run the install script it ask you at the bottom where you want it. You can either do top level (which most people do) or you can add a path to install it at.

no cant see subdomain choosing option. I only have my toplevel domain but when i going to create subdomain it shows apache already have

Don’t install it in mail.example.tld. That’s the mail server’s address. Using it for webmail complicates things such as redirects and the like that Apache handles.



Or if you prefer


which will allow access by all users in one installation.


Ok. Thanks. I understand like this. is the main mail server so it is the server that manage the email service. is the online mail client server. so i can install roundcube in it.

are there any possibility to install roundcube to instead of i dont want

and i have another question.

when i try to configure outlook desktop application to manage my emails using these data i couldn’t. i use data

and i cant configured. What is the problem doesn’t exist by default. It’s not anything. That’s why it would be fine to use it if that’s what you want to do. It doesn’t conflict with anything.

But you probably would be better off with or in the long run.

It’s not a huge big deal, but if you wanted to do certain things in .htaccess, using a sub would add another line or two of code. Because it will work exactly the same either way, I just trail it as a subdirectory to the root of the hostname:

servername.domain.tld/webmail or


Maybe to clarify, Roundcube doesn’t care about the directory name it’s installed in. It can be /roundcube, /webmail, /joe, /bob, or /gertrude. If your users will be coming from a cPanel background, then /webmail would be a good way to go, just for consistency’s sake. Otherwise, the directory name doesn’t matter.

It also doesn’t matter if you make it a sub in terms of how well it will work. It’s just slightly easier to trail it.


Thank you. I edit the .htaccess

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