How to install PostFix

For some reason i don’t have PostFix on my server. I don’t have the option to install it from un-used modules and its not on my system anywhere. I have ran systemctl status postfix and nothing at all. how can i install postfix from virtualmin control panel?

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
Webmin version 2.021

Is this a new server? Fresh install? Does it have active domains that you don’t want to risk the current set up on?

Its not a new server its been up for a few months but i’m adding emails to it or trying to and i need to get postfix on there for the setup i want to use.

A Webmin module is not the service it manages. The Postfix module in Webmin is not Postfix, and installing the Postfix Webmin module does not install Postfix.

Installing software is done via the package manager in your OS (apt and dpkg on Ubuntu). The name of the Postfix package on Ubuntu is postfix. You can use the Software Packages module in Webmin, if you aren’t comfortable working on the command line.

But, I’m going to guess that if you removed Postfix, you removed a bunch of other stuff, too. One of the common causes of your situation (though it is not a common situation) is that you installed something that conflicted with one of the packages that Virtualmin depends on, forcing the virtualmin-lamp-stack or virtualmin-lemp-stack package to be removed. If you then performed an autoremove operation, you would have laid waste to huge portions of your Virtualmin system, breaking a lot of stuff, not just Postfix.

Or, if you just installed something that directly conflicted with Postfix (for some reason there has been a big bunch of people installing ssmtp on their Virtualmin system recently, even though that makes no sense on a system that already has a mail server!) but did not perform an autoremove after, that would be less disastrous, and you may be able to simple reinstall Postfix with only minor inconvenience.


Does re-running the configuration-check help after installing Postifx?

No idea i haven’t installed any mail software on this server its just not there for some reason. neither is sendmail normally there is one or the other somewhere on virtualmin but this one there is neither.

I have postfix installed but virtualmin isn’t recognising it. i’ve ran re-check config and i get a 404 error as below

Sendmail is absolutely not on a default Virtualmin system (the sendmail command provided by Postfix is, but the Sendmail MTA is not the default and never has been on Virtualmin systems).

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I don’t know how you got to that state.

So, you do have Postfix installed. You do not have the Webmin Postfix module installed. Again, they are not the same thing. Postfix is a system package, the Webmin Postfix module is the thing that provides a GUI within Webmin and Virtualmin for configuring Postfix, and the API Virtualmin uses to configure Postfix.

Webmin includes the Postfix module. It is impossible to install Webmin without installing the Postfix module, unless you installed the webmin-minimal tarball installation of Webmin, which would be a terrible idea in a VIrtualmin system.

I’m just confused here.

How did you install Webmin and Virtualmin?

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I don’t have the option to install sendmail or postfix from virtualmin.

I’m at a loss how or why its not there. I have postfix installed with ssh but not to GUI within webmin. I installed virtualmin through ssh but not the minimal version. Is there a way I can put the GUI on my system as I really don’t want to have to rebuild the whole server and risk losing all the work that has been done it.

It doesn’t sort it out as i don’t have the GUI module on my server for some reason

You do, but you already have Postfix installed. Why would you try to install Postfix when it is already installed?

What you are missing is the Webmin Postfix module. You are not missing Postfix.

Also, please stop talking about Sendmail. Sendmail is not supposed to be installed, and you are not supposed to be using or installing Sendmail.

You absolutely shouldn’t do that, unless the system was not installed in a reasonable way to start with.

You didn’t answer how you installed Webmin and Virtualmin, and you haven’t really told us how you ended up in this situation…there is no easy/reasonable way to end up with a Webmin installation that does not have the Postfix Webmin module, which is the thing you are missing (again, you are not missing Postfix).

You may be able to fix whatever you did to break your Webmin installation by doing the following:

apt install --reinstall webmin

This is a much safer alternative to removing and then reinstalling a package.

I installed using the instructions here Downloading and Installing Virtualmin – Virtualmin

I have run apt install --reinstall webmin with no effect.

Is the location of the GUI /usr/share/webmin? as that has PostFix in there.

Yes, that’s the Webmin install directory on Ubuntu.

So, let’s back up, because what you’re trying to do (install Postfix or the Postfix Webmin module) doesn’t make sense given the newly revealed facts.

What is the problem you are trying to solve? What is making you think you need to install something? Actual error message? What steps you’re taking to trigger the error message?

The problem? the PostFix Webmin module isn’t on my webmin.
Why do i think i need to install something? The PostFix Webmin module isn’t on my webmin
Actual error message? 404 File not found - /postfix/
What am i doing to trigger the error? Trying to use PostFix on webmin.

I think the problem is not having the PostFix Webmin module on my Webmin.

But, we’ve already established that that is not the problem. If you want to keep trying to do things that won’t solve your problem, I can’t stop you. But…installing something that is already installed does not make sense.

What user are you logging in as? Does that user have permission to use the Postfix module?

Virtualmin domain owners do not have permission to use the Postfix module (and should not). Perhaps you’re logged in as a domain owner instead of root or a sudo-capable admin user?

Please see the two attached images. the PostFix Webmin module isn’t there. I have root access on that account and I made the server so I’m unsure how much more access I can have.

Also if the module not being there isn’t the problem then please let me know what the problem is because the module isn’t showing on webmin.

If you need any other screengrabs on it then just let me know

You’re showing Un-used modules, and Networking. Postfix would be in Servers.

And, if it isn’t, look in “Available Webmin modules”. I assume Postfix is unchecked, if you can’t see it.