how to install phpmyadmin for all sites hosted

Hello All,

I love virtualmin/webmin, but I am having trouble figuring out how to install PHPMyAdmin for all my hosted sites. I am currently hosting over a dussin sites on my virtualmin install. I want to install PHPMyAdmin for all my sites. From the back-end, it seemed like it will only install PHPMyAdmin per site basis. How can I install it once only and apply it for all sites? Would be nice If I could access it through

anyone that can help?


We’d typically suggest installing phpMyAdmin into one central domain, and then having all the users on your system access that one domain when using phpMyAdmin.

Even though it’s installed into one particular domain, any user with valid MySQL credentials will be able to log in and access their databases.


I also agree with Howdy and many thanks to share your knowledge.