How to install PHP 5.3

Hi All

Please help me to install PHP 5.3 version. Yes, I know it is outdated, yes, I know that best practice is to update my scripts… But I have an old CMS (2006 year of born) which works well and serves all my sites. Unfortunatelly, it uses register_globals so I can’t migrate even to 5.4. The programmer who made all that code is terribly busy so it might take forever to change scripts and a lot of money.

So the way is to install 5.3 somehow…

OS type and version:CentOS 8 REQUIRED
Webmin version:1.973 REQUIRED
Virtualmin version:6.16 REQUIRED
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

I don’t know about 5.3 but you can do 5.6 if you can work with it.

Multiple PHP Versions – Virtualmin

I recommend not doing that.

This might help you run on a newer PHP version:

Yes, I agree with the comment above, 5.6 will help you :v:

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