How to install open cart templates running virtualmin

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I have installed Virtualmin on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and installed Open Cart. I am trying to install a new template. I am not able to install the template as per the instructions in the template install documentation. In the template documentation they recommend they recommend using FileZilla or WinZip to upload the files to the open cart directory however I cannot gain access to the open cart directory and I can’t find a way to do it with file manager

You not giving much info on where you installed it on VM, the file structure for open carts is more for Open Cart support. As per normal hosting, everything is under public_html of the filemanger of your domain.

FTP is an outdated way of doing things.

Simply use the file manager and upload the zip file to the directory it should go to. Once it’s uploaded, click on it and “unzip” will be in the menu.


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