How to install Nginx as reverse proxy with Apache?

Centos 7 and Virtualmin on Centos 7 do not support HTTP/2 which is very bad.

I understand Nginx supports HTTP/2.

So I would like to setup Nginx as a reverse proxy with Apache, so Nginx serves the static files via HTTPS and HTTP/2, and Apache does the backend stuff. I do it this way on my Plesk servers and PLesk its just a few clicks of a button to set this up, its great.

I cannot find any info about how to do this in Virtualmin, are there any instructions?

This link is about installing and replacing Apache, and doing it on a new system with no virtual servers, and thats not what I want I would like to add Nginx in and have the choice whether to run a virtual server through Nginx and then Apache. Like Plesk does.