How to install cloudmin onto Virtualmin/webmin

Hi. I have a CentOS server with Virtualmin/Webmin on. What’s the best way to add Cloudmin Physical please, I could not find any info on this, just how to install from scratch. Can it be done from within Webmin?

I have some VPS’s running Virtualmin/Webmin I want to manage from a central interface.



P.s. is this the official forum, it does not seem very active. Is Cloudmin very popular? Thanks


There is an install script for Cloudmin – and once you run that, it’ll add the appropriate module information into Webmin, and setup your package repositories to point to the Cloudmin repository.

Note though that Cloudmin for Physical Servers isn’t one of the GPL Cloudmin versions, so to use that, you’d need to pick up a copy here in the shop:

Ok, I can now see I had to buy it to get the instructions. I wanted to find them before buying but could not find them anyway, but after purchasing it gives you a command line to run.