How to install boxbilling?

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Im having trouble figuring out how to install boxbilling from virtualmin

I am a GPL user and to install Boxbilling, I create a virtual server in Virtualmin, copy over the script, unarchive it and it installs.

Where do i find this script?


This is the latest version today. It will not be in future. The link to the latest version can be found on the BoxBilling home page at

Forgive me for i am new, What do i copy and where do i paste it?

But there is no Php ini in /etc/php/7.4 for me to even edit so a script would be nice lol

Ok, here is a step by step for Virtualmin newbies:

  1. Create a new virtual server - Virtualmin → Create Virtual Server

  2. In Virtualmin → File Manager, click the File menu on the top right corner of the screen, select Download from Remote URL and then enter the link I have provided above. After a few seconds, a file named will be visible in the File Manager

  3. Right Click on the file named and choose the Extract option. In the popup that follows, it is safe to use the overwrite option in this case.

Further information to install it is available at

From what I see of the screenshot, the virtual server you are on is using PHP 8.1 and you need to install the PHP extension curl. You do not need to edit Php ini in /etc/php/7.4

Php-curl is installed for 7.4 i will try php curl 8

Yes, you should do that.

Is there anything special for the database i need to put ive tried just the local ip but aint working

I use localhost.

Also see Virtualmin → Edit Databases. You could create a database here and get the username and password to use in the BoxBilling install form.

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