How to install an Apache module


is there an easy way to install an Apache module in Virtualmin/Webmin?

I saw the following message at a settings page of a wordpress plugin:

Missing Apache Modules





Which distro/version are you using?


Hi Eric,

Virtualmin version: 3.84.gpl GPL

on Ubuntu 10.04.1

I hope that’s what you wanted to know…

Okay, there’s modules for Apache on Ubuntu named “expires” and “headers”, but they aren’t necessarily enabled by default.

You can manually enable those from the command line by running these commands as root:

a2enmod expires a2enmod headers

That simple hey. Well, it works now, so thanks a lot!

Do you ever sleep?


p.s. I see them now as well in webmin - servers - apache webserver - Configure Apache Modules, but I don’t know if they were there before, as I was looking for mod_xxx instead of just ‘headers’ and ‘expires’…