How to import existing wordpress files into virtualmin server?

OS type and version: CentOS 7
Webmin version: REQUIRED
Virtualmin version: REQUIRED
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Hi again,
The cpanel migration into virtualmin doesnt work due to email aliases error from the tar.gz file.
So I decided to extract the already uploaded tar.gz cpanel backup into some directory of the server and then create new virtual server and install wordpress script there .
So how can i copy the wordpress from extracted directory to newly created virtual server with wp script? And how to import the database as well?

I’m going to try one last time to help.

Is the Wordpress site you’re trying to move online now? Hosted someplace now?

Or did you get suddenly kicked off a server and all you have is that one backup to work with and that’s it?

What is the actual story here?

There is no live server, i was just trying to import a cpanel jetbackup backup from computer.

all i have is that one backup to work with and that’s it. Im not kicked off from any server. What Im trying is to import an old backup which was saved locally.
But it seems i have to manually copy wordpress files, databases right?

That just doesn’t make any sense to me. The point is, how do you wake up one day and have absolutely nothing but a single jetback backup to work with?

At any rate, yeah. You’ll probably have to go that route and do it all manually if that’s all you have to work with.

What you would do is create the primary domain. Install Wordpress on it. Then take the Wordpress files from your primary domain part of the backup and upload those over writing the existing files.

Then you would use phpmyadmin to import the database from the old database to the new one associated with the new Wordpress install.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: BEFORE you upload the files, make a backup of your new wp-config file. After you upload the old server files over writing everything, you’ll need to go in and enter the new database information from the new wp-config file in place of your old database information.

Then after you merge the old database into the new one your site should be back up and running as it was before.

Copied all files from extracted location to the new virtual server’s public-html, by following your instructions. Also overwrote phpmyadmin folder in there . And also changed wp-config.php parameters.

So how can i preview if the wordpress site working or not?
I dont have an actual domain name registered yet.
I tried Preview Website button but it gave me blank page or try to download a file or 500 Internal Server error. Plus wp-admin gives security warning from webmin.

Note: I already removed index.html file from wordpress directory.

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