how to Import emails from Gsuite or Outlook .pst file?

Hi guys,
I have a Gsuite backup of a clients emails. there are two files,

  1. gmail backup - The zip file is in “mbox” format.

  2. They have used a converter program to save the emails in .pst format for import into Outlook,

I am not having any success with this at all.

A. Is there a method of importing Gsuite or Outlook emails directly into Usermin?

B. does anyone know if there is an opensource (free) convertor that works for gmail-mbox to Outlook-pst?

PST files aren’t imported into Outlook. You kind of “attach” them.

I have found a solution.
Mozilla Thunderbird has an add-on that imports gmail mbox format directly.

From there it’s easy, select emails in thunderbird, then drag and drop them into a new folder in Outlook.

When moving mailboxes between servers - I have used ImapCopy ( ) and found it easy and straightforward to use. Not sure if it does Gmail to Imap, but it certainly does Imap to Imap.

copying mail between accounts with your email client (outlook or other ) is the easiest way. add your web account to the client and copy email to server.
evolution email client also has a pst import plugin…